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5G Scam Alert! [Most Dangerous Threat]

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 16-08-2023 ~ Cyber Awareness ~ 4 Minutes Reading

5g scam alert

Do you know? In India, 5G mobile service has now begun. Several localities presently have these internet services provided by Jio and Airtel. Cybercriminals are using this scheme as their weapon. Under the guise of 5G service, consumers are being duped. This scam is well known as “5G Scam Alert”. 

If you want to avoid this scam, read this informative article because we will discuss every single part.

About 5G Frauds in India

Cybersecurity experts have warned Indian consumers about phishing schemes exploiting SIM upgrades from 4G to 5G. Scammers have been assisting consumers upgrade their SIM cards from 4G to 5G while posing as customer support agents of genuine telecom service providers. As part of their plan, they employ phishing links to deceive victims into disclosing personal and financial information.

How Scammers Accomplish 5G Scam Alert?

According to recent research, fraudsters send messages to users through Whatsapp or text messages. They pose as customer service representatives from Vodafone, Airtel, or Jio and claim to upgrade their 4G SIMs to 5G. 

Those messages also contain the phishing link through which they try to steal users’ information or hard-core money as you can see in the below news. 

The study highlighted how many SMS connections go to Paytm accounts, showing how scammers are growing their network to steal money while feigning a 5G upgrade.

For instance, the Hyderabad Cyberabad Police has tweeted a warning that cyber criminals transferring connections under the 5G scheme. There is a possibility of phone hacking if you click the link. You’ll risk being hurt if you’re not vigilant. Fraudsters send messages which contain links to upgrade 4G to 5G SIM. The names of the relevant telecom firms are included in links delivered to mobile consumers.

Nevertheless, the Gurugram Police Department has also issued a warning against 5G frauds in India. According to a report in Hindustan Times, the agency cautioned individuals not to provide their one-time passwords (OTPs) to any telemarketers to prevent having their bank accounts wiped out.

Some Safety Tips that You Need to Know to Protect Yourself from 5G Scam Alert

If you are worried about your safety, the following tips can help you defend yourself against this fraud. 

  • Strong Passwords: Always make sure to create strong passwords. Which is generally 12-25 characters long with upper case (A-Z), lower case (a-z), digits (1-10) and symbols (! @ # $ % ^ & *  , ;  < ‘ > /)
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Sign in to your accounts with both a password and one other method. It could be for confirmation, biometric data or a one-time code sent to your device.
  • Suspicious Links: when an attacker sends a phishing email, there are usually some common identifiable traits such as misspellings or the fact that it asks for the credentials to be entered. A company will never email a consumer to ask for their login details. Always use the official website or platform of the firm you wish to access when in doubt. 
  • Sensitive Information: Make a habit of not sharing your personal or financial information with an unknown person without verifying everything.
  • Software Update: It is always advisable to update your devices to the latest version of the software. 

It is always advisable to upgrade

Red Flags of 5G Scam Alert

If you are waiting for this section then the wait is over because we will quickly have a look at the warning signs that you need to know. 

  1. Fraudsters always ask for your confidential information like your CVV, debit and credit card number, OTP, Aadhar card number, PAN card number or account number.
  2. A malicious link is given in that message.
  3.  Tell you to download an unknown app by clicking on that link. 
  4. Create a sense of urgency while sending messages to you. 

Where to Report Any Cybercrime?

Here, we will discuss where you have to file a complaint against any cyber fraud that happened to you, but make sure to report within 48 hours, then only any action can be taken. 

  1. To report any such cybercrime call on toll-free helpline number – 1930.
  2. Immediately inform your bank also.
  3. For filing a complaint visit “cybercrime.gov.in” the national cybercrime reporting portal. 
  4. Go to your nearest cybercrime police station branch for filing a complaint. 
  5. And if you want cyber training or expert advice then contact India’s top cyber expert Anuraag Singh.

Final Analysis

Hope this article was informative for everyone. Now, we all know how to stay safe from 5G scam alert. Share this article with your family and friends so that they can also protect themselves from this fraud. 

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