Solutions that give us a Competitive Advantage

We have created a range of 250+ industry-leading solutions, out of these the cyber intelligence tools cater to the IT sector and law enforcement agencies.

  • Whether the need is for Computers, Mobile Devices, Databases or IoT forensics, our tools cover it all.
  • Our versatile forensic solutions help in Decryption, Extraction and Keyword Wise Export.
  • Imaging/Cloning, Acquisition of devices, Analysis review are some of the services our brilliant forensic team provides through our solutions.
  • The different Free File Viewer tools are helpful in raids to access sites without the help of any email platform.
  • MailPro+ is a multi-faceted software that supports 12+ file formats to view emails and has advanced features to aid the investigators.
  • MailXaminer, a tool designed specifically for investigators to analyze emails swiftly with accuracy.

Global Email Forensics Product

MailXaminer, the premium digital forensic program was coined by Anuraag Singh. It is in high demand not only in India, but across the world. It is a tool that enables investigators to easily assess evidence from various sources of data.

Agencies who trust Mailxaminer

CBI, Delhi, India

Central Bureau of Investigation uses MailXaminer in their TAFSU Lab.

Noida Police Cyber Cell

MailXaminer is primarily used by email investigations.

CFSL, India

MailXaminer is primarily used for email forensics.

Dubai Police

MailXaminer is used in their cyber labs for investigations asper case to case needs.

Walmart Cyber Labs

MailXaminer is used in Walmart cyber labs for internal email forensics.

Income Tax, india

MailXaminer is primarily used for acquiring email accounts during various searches and raids.