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Cyber Training for Cops to Tackle CyberCrime

"In a recent notification to all police officers, who are assigned to cyber cell police stations will be required to complete the online course offered by the National Cybercrime Training Center, CyTrain web portal, which is operated by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)."

The training will familiarise all law enforcement officials engaged in investigations with the many facets of cybercrime and provide them with the knowledge they need to deal with cyber crime cases effectively. The prescribed training module by NCRB is a complete course that is targeted at increasing the quality of investigations in cybercrime cases. All district police chiefs and head police officers of cybercrime cell units have been ordered to produce a compliance report including the names and qualifications of all officers who have successfully completed the cybercrime training module. Following successful completion of the course from CyTrain portal, a certificate will be issued to all participants.

By providing additional staff with experience in addressing cybercrime cases, the training will aid in minimising the length of time that such investigations remain open while also increasing investigative quality. Because the frequency of cybercrimes and the sophistication of their technicalities are rising, it is essential to keep up with the latest technological developments.

Our training covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Evidence Collection
  • Forensic Examination
  • Advanced Cyber Tools of the trade
  • Hash Value Concept
  • Incident Investigation
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Email Forensics & Evidence Submission
  • Fundamentals of Conducting an Effective Data Forensic Investigation
  • Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence
cyber forensic training

The training module is critical and essential in the development of new countermeasures, as well as the ongoing growth of knowledge and skills in the fight against cybercrime. The training module will instruct participants on how to spot cybercrime, file complaints, act as first responders, and gather cybercrime threat information about cybercriminals and criminal infrastructure, among other things. In addition, the curriculum teaches participants how to gather acceptable evidence and conduct prosecutions in cybercrime situations. Recently, the state's home department developed an action plan that calls for the establishment of cyber helpdesks, a digital forensic lab in Lucknow, and a cyber forensic lab at the zone level across the state, among other things.

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25 Janurary 2022
Learn how to forensically acquire online email accounts or email data file from a computer.

Mobile Phone Investigations - Android & iOS

26 Janurary 2022
Learn how to forensically acquire evidence from Mobile Phones of any Make and Model.

How to Investigate & Acquire a Website Content and Artifacts?

27 Janurary 2022
Learn how to forensically dump and download content of a website and get all artifacts of a website.

Malware Forensics

28 Janurary 2022
Learn how to reverse engineer a mailware and understand the logic behind its data corruption or encryption.

CDR and IPDR Analysis & Visualization

29 Janurary 2022
Learn how to easily get required insights and findings from a CDR and IPDR for your case specific needs..

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