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Best Anti-Phishing Protection Services in India

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 29-12-2022 ~ Services ~ 6 Minutes Reading

From showing gratitude to sending business meeting invitations, from applying for a job to signing an e-contract. Almost everybody uses email for personal or professional reasons. However, cybercriminals jump for opportunities like open source (email) where they can easily cause maximum damage. A new type of cyberattack named Phishing is their weapon. The emails could be for individuals or organizations. Hence, the best defence against such attacks is the anti-phishing protection services offered by cyber specialist Anuraag Singh

But, before that, aren’t you curious to know the meaning of Phishing? You might be thinking, are there other mediums apart from the email that hackers utilize to carry out phishing?

Let’s dig deeper!

What is Phishing?

As many of you know, Phishing is a cyberattack performed by threat actors aiming to steal private data. 

Just like fishing, intruders drop their hooks in form of fraudulent emails to catch sensitive information by tricking the victims.

Besides email, there are other ways through which intruders do phishing attacks. Thus, knowing the different anti-phishing protection measures can help you from falling into the trap of these attackers. 

Mediums Used by Hackers to Execute Phishing

Apart from emails, the fraudsters make use of text messages and phone calls for phishing.

For example, if someday you receive a phone call where the fraudster acts as a bank manager. In this case, he will try to convince you that your ATM card is blocked and ask for your bank details to solve the card issue. In this way, he tricks you to lose your valuable data to him.

Similarly, through text messages, they try to trick you by sending promotional messages as if they are coming from a reliable source and cleverly seek the desired information they want from you.

So, security professionals are continuously progressing and coming up with services that counterstrike phishing attacks.

Therefore, including robust anti-phishing protection services in your security system would add an extra benefit!

Anti-Phishing Protection Services that Save You from Cybercriminals

Protecting your vulnerable information against phishing attacks requires an exclusive anti-phishing protection strategy.

Thus, cyber experts do their research and innovate new ideas and services to confront these attacks and protect you from the downside.

Luckily, with 21 years of experience in the field of cyber security, the cyber expert of India, has come up with various anti-phishing protection techniques to handle such threat actors.

Some of his services involve:

1. Through Awareness and Training

Criminals these days are great manipulators. A current phishing attack involves human psychology. They trick the user and extract all the information they want.

So, the most productive anti-phishing protection solution would be a combination of technology and training. 

Therefore, he conducts a cyber-awareness program and provides training sessions that will help in protecting yourself from the ill-intension of cybercriminals.

Scheduling a session with him would certainly lessen the risk of being the victim of phishing attacks.

2. Real-Time Protection from Phishing

Phishing attacks include QR codes, brand logos, etc inside an email, making it difficult to recognize. 

Hence, to tackle this problem, the real-time phishing threat detection service would be of immense help.

In this case, through machine learning and deep learning, first, he compares millions of URLs & web pages in real-time. Then using the phishing threat detection service identifies that an email is malicious and resolves the same.

3. AI-Based Anti-Phishing Protection

Cybercriminals use advanced techniques to surpass the conventional email filtering method.

As a cyber professional, he is using Artificial Intelligent based anti-phishing protection technology to filter out emails containing malicious web pages and links. Furthermore, blocks those malevolent emails at the peripheral level.

4. Cloud-Based Services to Protect Information Against Phishing

The fastest way to employ an anti-phishing protection solution is to utilize cloud-based services that don’t require any hardware installation.

Simply, a SaaS-based solution would be adequate to handle email-borne threats.

In addition to the services, having knowledge of a variety of phishing attacks is equally important. It may help you recognize the false source.

Different Types of Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a kind of social engineering that cybercriminals use to take over private information. 

Using some of the different types of phishing, intruders cleverly gain the desired information.

  1. Email Phishing, is the most common platform for intruders to carry out phishing. Here the email is composed in such a way that it seems like it is coming from a legitimate source. Through malicious attachments and links, they try and take out valuable information ( such as credit card details, name, phone number, etc).
  2. CEO Fraud, a standard type of domain spoofing includes emails that appear as if coming from the CEO, HR, or a colleague. It may ask you to share your tax details, transfer funds, make an e-transfer, etc.
  3. Mobile Phishing, involves social media, voice mails, fake text messages, or other in-app messages that try to convince the consumer that their account has been frozen, etc. They execute this by sending malicious links and voice messages.
  4. Spear Phishing, is a type of advanced phishing and its target is beyond credit card information. Cybercriminals’ main aim is to invade a bank, health organization, or educational institution to steal data.
  5. Session Hijacking, need refined techniques that grant access to breach a web server and take away information from the server.

However, you might be thinking, are there any clues to identify Phishing attacks

Signs to Protect Yourself From Phishing 

Every criminal leaves a footprint behind. 

In this case, digital footprint. Closely look for the clues hidden in the mail or text messages.

  1. As you already know that in phishing, you receive messages or emails as if they are coming from a genuine sender. 
  2. So, observe the tone of the message and ask yourself, does it sound strange? If the answer is yes, then it’s definitely a red flag.
  3. Most business organizations hire professionals to edit their proposals or terms and conditions. 
  4. Hence, search for incorrect use of grammar or spelling errors in the emails you receive.
  5. Another simple way to identify phishing mail is to check its domain name and verify it with the origin mail.
  6. If an email demands an urgent response and asks for your sensitive information then it is giving an indication that the mail could be from a hacker.

Nowadays cybercriminals can easily outsmart you. They are hiding their faces inside masks and do hideous activities with the motive of stealing vulnerable information. Through the signs explained above, and the anti-phishing protection services, you can safeguard yourself from phishing attacks. 

Therefore, be extra careful while opening or accessing any email. Because you could be their next target!