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Tinder Scams India – New Conning Technique

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 05-07-2023 ~ Cyber Awareness ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Tinder scams India

Are you also searching for your soulmates on dating applications? Tinder is one of your favourite apps among them, right?  But, have you heard that these days cybercriminals are tricking people into “Tinder Scams India”? If yes, then the question arises whether online dating is safe or not. The answer is, not every time online dating is safe for you. 

Now, you might be wondering how we can use it safely. If want to know about this, then read our blog. We will cover everything that is necessary for you.

But, first, let’s have a look at the real incident of this scam. 

News Related to Tinder Scams India 

According to reports, a 37-year-old woman, a Bengaluru resident working for a private company lost Rs 4.5 lakh to a man, she met through the dating app “Tinder”.

A month ago, that victim woman connected to a man from Mumbai whose name was Advik Chopra. He misrepresented his occupation to her, saying that he is a doctor in the UK. The lady expressed interest after reading the profile. And that led to a successful match. 

“She was unaware that Chopra had enrolled under a phoney name. She expressed interest in him after reading his profile, which led to a match, an official stated.

According to the woman, the male made a series of comments about trust during the chats. So she started dating. The con artist stated he will fly from Bengaluru to Dubai and expressed interest in meeting. A few days later, a call from an unidentified number was received by the lady. The individual who answered the phone identified themselves as a member of the Airports Authority of India. 

When Chopra landed at the Delhi Airport, the fraud officer discovered that he had unaccounted cash. To allow him to go to Bengaluru, a payment of Rs. 68,500 was required. She then requested transfers of Rs 1.8 lakh and Rs 2.06 lakh as processing costs, the report continues. 

The women, who were unable to spot the fraud, trusted the official of the prank and acted as instructed in an effort to steer Chopra toward a sailing escape. But when a further demand for Rs 6 Lakh in GST charges came through on the other end, suspicions began to grow.

How Do Scammers Target Tinder Users? 

In this part, we will understand how fraudsters accomplish this scam so smartly. If you are curious to know read then read the below section. 

  1. Cybercriminals start Tinder scams India by making fake profiles on Tinder (An online dating app) to lure people. 
  2. Then they start communicating with the Tinder users and make them believe that they are genuinely falling in love with them.
  3. After then, fraudsters ask for help or money to transfer them. Someone they will also ask for the victim’s personal details. 
  4. When scammers get every piece of information from the victim, then they block them from everywhere. 

Safety Precautions That You Can Take to Protect Yourself From Tinder Scams India

We have listed a few safety tips for you so that you can safeguard yourself against this scam. 

  1. Don’t blindly trust any unknown person. 
  2. Verify the full profile of the stranger.
  3. Make sure not to pay any amount to any stranger whom you don’t know. 
  4. Don’t share your sensitive or financial details with anyone.
  5. Always ask the fraudster to meet you face-to-face.
  6. Never share your live location. 
  7. If you have some doubt on any stranger, then immediately block that profile.  


Most teens and adults are becoming the victim of this scam. If you come under this stage then stay more alert because if you don’t then you could be the next target of the cybercriminals. 

Yes, you heard it right!

But you don’t have to be concerned about your safety because above precautions will help you to avoid “Tinder Scams India.”

We will be back with a new informative blog, till then stay safe from such scams. 


Q. Is there any helpline number for reporting cybercrime?

Ans. Yes, you can file a complaint against any cybercrime by dialing “1930″.

Q. What to do If I got scammed into a Tinder scam?

Ans. Firstly, block the profile of the fraudster. Then start collecting all the evidence (proofs) that you have like conversation screenshots, profile photos of the fraudster, etc. After then, file a complaint at your nearest cyber crime police station or at “cybercrime.gov.in“.

Q. How can I safeguard myself from any cybercrime?

Ans. You can protect yourself by doing some best practices, which are:

  1. Using unique and strong passwords
  2. Enabling two-factor authentication on your every social media account.
  3. You can also take cyber training from the well-known cyber expert Anuraag Singh.