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What is WormGPT? Explore the Dark Side of AI

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 14-08-2023 ~ Cyber Awareness ~ 5 Minutes Reading


As AI technology has become popular and advanced it introduces new types of cyberattacks. Nowadays ChatGPT is one of the best AI tools which is used by many of us. As a result, cybercriminals are taking advantage of AI technology. They made WormGPT to lure people into their target. 

Yes, it’s a bitter truth! 

But it can be easily avoided by having a piece of proper knowledge about the it and knowing its safety measures to avoid it. Let’s start understanding the meaning of ChatGPT, after then we will come to the WormGPT. 

What is ChatGPT?

It is an AI-powered natural language processing tool, which allows you to do the conversation and many more with the chatbot, it is precisely like a human which helps you to find different answers, contents, essays, emails, code, etc. 

What is WormGPT?

It is a generative AI black-hat technology created with malevolent intent. Phishing emails, business email compromise (BEC) assaults, and other forms of cybercrime can be produced using it. This tool is exclusively accessible over the dark web and cannot be downloaded by the general public. 

This “Sophisticated AI model” is intended to create human-like text or content that can be utilized in hacking campaigns, allowing hackers to act on a never-before-seen scale.

It is a blackhat alternative to the ChatGPT tool. It is trained on a variety of data sources, focusing on information on malware in particular.

How this WormGPT Works?

If you are really curious to know how it works, then read the following information. 

1. Similar to ChatGPT, this tool is a large model (LLM) which is trained on billions of words such as reliable websites, dark web forums, malware samples, phishing templates, hacking guides and many more. 

2. With the use of this information, Worm GPT creates deceptive phishing emails, malware, hacking, and other criminal materials that are intended to trick both people and machines.

3. Jailbreaks can also be used by WormGPT to go beyond ChatGPT and Bard’s security mechanisms. Jailbreaks are unique prompts and inputs that are intended to trick the tool into producing output that could entail revealing confidential information, creating offensive material, or running malicious code. 

4. For instance, a jailbreak may deceive ChatGPT into disclosing its API key or into producing a ransomware script, but this is untrue.

Till now we have learned many things about it but now its time to discuss some of the risks that you and society can face. 

Risks and Consequences of Using WormGPT

If you utilize this tool then it could reveal your security, moral, and personal information. Usually, cybercriminals use this dangerous AI tool for cyberfrauds. But there are some risks you can face while using this tool. Let’s look at those consequences. 

Using WormGPT can harm you in various ways

let’s look at those:

1. Malware code: It has the ability to infect your devices with ransomware, malware, spyware, worms, etc. (done)

2. Attacks: employing the compromised servers indicated in the point above to send a large number of requests to a website in order to launch a DDoS attack.  

3. Hacking Websites: It will hack multiple legitimate websites. It generates a high volume of requests to a single website by injecting it with malware code.  

4. Phishing Emails: It will trick you to reveal your sensitive or financial information such as your bank details, passwords, CVV, etc. (done) 

Harm to society in different ways

Read the following section carefully: 

1. Disseminate false and misleading information that can sway public opinion and threaten democracy. 

2. Deepfakes are capable of producing convincing but fake pictures or videos that might malign or imitate other individuals or events. 

3. Spam may overload networks and services with uninvited messages that use up bandwidth and resources. 


WormGPT is a tool that can do a lot of harm in the evolving realm of cybercrime. The hazards and repercussions of utilizing this tool is severe, ranging from disseminating destructive malware to deceiving individuals into handing over important information or cash.

Understanding the moral and legal ramifications of engaging in cybercrime is crucial, as is taking action to safeguard your business and yourself from such dangers.

You can contribute to making the digital world safer for everyone by remaining educated, adhering to cybersecurity best practices, and avoiding dangerous technologies.


Q. Is the ChatGPT and WormGPT are Same?

Ans. No, they are not both the same. It is not a part of openAI, a reputable and genuine company that created ChatGPT.  WormGPT could be a dangerous tool for anyone whereas ChatGPT is not.

Q. How can I safeguard myself from Cyberattacks?

Ans. To defend yourself from any cyber threat you have to practice good cybersecurity hygiene. In this creating strong and unique passwords includes up-to-date software and OS, and carefully downloading any software. And you can also take professional guidance or help from the well-known cyber expert of India Anuraag Singh.