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Don’t Lose Revenue Collection Due to Software Piracy!

Coming up with an innovative Software requires a lot of creative thinking and an adequate amount of money for implementing & launching the product. But, the software pirates least bother about that and steal your source code, develop a free version, and sell them without your consent. We know how it feels to lose years of hard work.

So, leave your burden on us, and relax. Our team will detect & remove all the pirated websites that are affecting your business revenue in no time.

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Don’t Let Others Illegally Obtain Your Content!

We can understand, that it takes a lot of effort and time to create appealing content for a website. And, when the web thieves steal the valuable content in a blink of an eye, it puts a huge impact on your commercial interest.

But, don’t worry, that’s where we come in. Our professionals will inspect and get all illegal copies of your content removed that appear in search engines.

Leave All Your Workload on Us

Alert: Identify and Stop Software Piracy


Software Piracy Prevention Service Highlights

Closely Search Out & Remove Piracy of Your Precious Digital Content

24X7 Intensive Monitoring

Trained Experts keenly monitor the search engine database and detect pirated content. We deeply examine places where a bot can’t even reach.

Protect Intellectual Property

Our experienced professionals manage all the unauthorized sources and thereby ensure the protection of your Intellectual property.

Take Down Pirated Software

Experts perform an in-depth cleaning of all software cracks keygen from popular search results. Assures instant de-indexing of the pirated content.

Analyse Live Statistics Report

Get live feedback from the experts on found and reported software piracies. Look into the status of the URLs that are found to be pirated.

Online Piracy

Is Piracy Stealing Intellectual Property?

Know The Actual Difference Between Intellectual Property Piracy & Software Piracy

Leave All Your Workload on Us

Intellectual Property Piracy

Piracy, particularly, refers to illegally using, copying, distributing, or reproducing protected material. And, piracy of Intellectual Property is when someone robs people or companies of their trade secrets, creative expressions, music & movies, software, proprietary products, etc.

Software Piracy

Software Piracy is a part of Intellectual Property theft where developers illegitimately obtain and use the software. Today, some people use single-user licenses on multiple devices at one time. As a result, it financially affects the source companies.

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Software Intrusion

Understand the Vulnerability of Software Piracy

Here Are The Serious Aftereffects of Software Piracy:


There are so many inherent risks involved in using pirated software. Such as security gaps, and no guarantee of accurate functionality, on a serious note, one could face legal proceedings.


According to International Data Corporation’s report, if Software Piracy levels drop by 10 points, it will open doors to 600,000 jobs in the IT industry.


Besides, there is a provision of a $150,000 fine for each software titled copied. And, worse, one could undergo criminal prosecution which directly leads to a damaging reputation.

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Emphasis on User Concerns

Is Your Business Suffering from Digital Piracy?

Software Piracy Can Take Many Forms & It’s Becoming a Core Stress for Many Brands Nowadays.

Financial Breakdown

Companies put a lot of effort & it takes years to come up with advanced software. And, through Intellectual Property theft, some programmers steal the software code and use keygens to unlock software that they didn’t purchase.

Piracy Inspection

Software piracy is one of the largest threats that enterprises face on a daily basis. According to a global survey, 37% of software installed on PC are unlicensed. In fact, the risk and impacts of Software piracy are alarming.

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How to Prevent Software Piracy?

Safeguard Your Own Software Through Distinct Ways


It’s always best to try and treat the root cause of Software Piracy. Some of the techniques to mitigate software piracies are to:

  • Use license keys to prevent copying & redistributing software
  • Regularly update product by introducing new versions
  • Utilize tamper-proofing solution
  • Request removal of pirated websites from search engine
  • Protect the clear proof of ownership through Copyright
  • Include a watermark as a form of brand name or logo
  • Secure content from unauthorized viewing through DRM
  • Seek help from Industry Experts

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