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Protect Phone from Virus: Mobile Virus Prevention Services

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 29-12-2022 ~ Services ~ 6 Minutes Reading

The malware that has infiltrated your device might either access data that you do not want others to see or cause you financial damage by taking your payment information. Whatever the conclusion, you must learn how to protect your phone from virus in order to avoid a bummer!

Most of us feel convenient to save our Netbanking credentials, email passwords, transaction details on our phones as it’s easy to refer to. 

But have you ever given a thought about your phone getting infected by a virus?

Yes, you read it right! Just like computer devices, your phone can also be badly affected by viruses.

To prove my point, let me share a report by Nokia.

According to the report, “ The rate of smartphone infected by virus grew by 96% in the first half of the year and by 83% in the other half. Out of the bugged phones, 81% were Android mobiles and 3% were iPhones.”

The above statement makes it clear, how frequent it is for phones to catch a virus (more chances are of Android, of course!). Thus, save yourself, it is crucial to protect phone from virus. 

So, now, many of you might be wondering how are these viruses slipping into our android or iPhone?

Different Ways in which Viruses Enter Your Phones

As most of the users are more inclined towards mobile phones rather than computers, so are the hackers.

Well, one of the ways through which the intruders can gain access to your phone is through 3rd party apps

In this method, they enter your phone without getting detected by injecting malicious software or viruses.

This is done while you install apps from an unauthorized app store especially in the form of Adware and Spyware.

Furthermore, this is a question that most of the times pops in your mind, “can you get a virus on your phone through a website or text message?”

Then, Yes is the answer to it. 

In this case, hackers send strange links through emails and text messages to try to bribe you by promoting, ‘You can win prize money worth Rs.10 Crore, just click on the link below to avail the offer’.

Once you click on the infected link it triggers downloading the vicious software and can cause serious damage to your mobile phone.

Moreover, in the case of websites also, when you click on dubious links, web pages, or even dangerous adverts, adware might be installed on your cell phone. 

Similarly, installing software from these websites might result in the installation of virus on your Android or iPhone.

But, now the question arises, how to know if your phone has a virus?

Symptoms your Phone Exhibits when it Infected by a Virus

There are few signs from where you can easily detect the virus in your phone.

Let me point out some clues for you.

  1. Your phone might be too slow to handle and drain the battery quickly than expected.
  2. Sometimes, your apps take excessive time to load, then there might be a chance of a virus hiding in your phone.
  3. Another hint is, you are likely to get unwanted pop-ups on your mobile screen.

Well, these kinds of virus attacks are becoming common for Android/iPhone users. 

Thus, before knowing the ways to protect phone from virus, it is important to know the consequences we may encounter when the virus has complete command over our phone.

Serious Outcomes Experienced when You are Unable to Protect Phone from Virus 

You will agree with me that most of us prefer to shop online as it saves both time and energy.

By seeing the growing demand for online shopping, the banking sector has also taken initiative and developed apps offering Mobile banking facilities.

I will explain my point by giving a scenario. 

You are using one of the online transactions methods for purchasing a product on Amazon, and you are unaware that your phone is bugged with a virus!

Just imagine, what harm can it cause you? 

Firstly, there is a high chance of losing your sensitive data such as online credentials, mobile numbers, credit card details, etc to the hackers. These hackers are waiting like hawks to use your valuable data against you and also demand ransom.

Secondly, they could mess with your device settings, can find your exact location, and could physically harm you out of personal grudges.

Don’t you think it is a matter of concern?

Hence, there is no other choice left but to protect phone from virus!

The different ways in which these malicious software can target you is alarming. Thus knowing the ways to clean your phone from virus is crucial.

What Precautions can you Take to Protect Phone from Virus?

If you have the slightest doubt that the virus is hiding inside your phone then removing it becomes mandatory.

You can follow general steps where you can minimize the effect of getting infected by a virus.

Most importantly, even the tech giants like Samsung, OnePlus are suggesting to follow these steps.

Step 1: Avoid downloading Apps from unauthorized sites. Try to download apps from the Google play store or Apple Appstore.

Step 2: Don’t rely on Antivirus Apps from any unknown source

Step 3: Keep your mobile updated with the latest software updates recommended by the concerned mobile company.

One of the tech giants Apple encourages its users to declutter unwanted apps and clear their device’s history and data. 

So, now the question arises, are the above measures enough to get rid of viruses? Or is there someone who can better guide you to protect phone from virus? 

Seeking the Advice of an Expert Could Be a Lifesaver

It is not always possible to keep track of the virus even after taking precautions and you could pay a heavy price for your minor ignorance.

So, what could be a full-proof solution for protecting your cell phone from the virus?

Well, you can definitely rely on the hands of an IT genius like Anuraag Singh.

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So, now you know, who should be your nex stop when you are looking for solutions to protect phone from virus!