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How to Securely Wipe SD Memory Cards?

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 03-01-2023 ~ General , Services ~ 5 Minutes Reading

SD Card Wipe

SD cards are the destination of many of your sensitive photos and files. If these data fall into the wrong hands then it could leave you jeopardized. So, before thinking of discarding make sure you do a permanent SD card wipe.

Generally, SD cards come in different sizes and capacities. Mostly used by photographers (in the digital camera) and individuals (in phones). However, demand for SD cards for personal use is decreasing day by day thanks to modern cloud storage. And, photographers are discarding SD cards because of mishandling. Many times they forget to take out the card from DSLR which leads to corrosion, hence discarding the SD card remains the last choice.

Secondly, nowadays most mobile manufacturing companies don’t prefer to provide dedicated memory card slots as it slows down the phone performance.

However, if you own an SD card and want to erase its data for whatever may be the reason then considering SD card wipe services offered by Anuraag Singh would be an ultimate option. He is a well-known cyber expert in India and his cyber security services have been endorsed by most of the Government and law-enforcement agencies.

Before that, let’s understand the distressing scenarios of SD card threats that might lead to a nightmare experience.

Security Risk by Memory Cards

First, let’s talk about the phone storage options. As you know, there are two types of storage areas in a phone, one is internal storage and the other is external storage.

Most of you might not know that external storage is not as secure as internal storage and hackers take advantage of it.

Many android apps make use of external storage that allows data to be shared between apps, which is not usually secured. 

The unsecured storage option allows the intruders to make users install unnecessary apps that contain viruses. As a result, they can easily steal your sensitive information.

Now, let’s cover what could be the possible threats for photographers.

When we say photographer, he/she could be a wildlife photographer or a photojournalist, or any other photographer. Thus, you can imagine what data they carry in their SD cards.

For example, If an unwiped SD card of a photojournalist containing information related to a certain politician lands in the wrong hand, then the information sources could be misused to achieve political goals. Through harassment, hackers can emotionally drain you. So, you need to be very careful while handling SD cards.

Finally, think of a situation, you landed in a country that you are visiting for the first time. And the security officer out of nowhere seizes your phone containing your valuable information. Due to mishandling, if your phone turns up in a hacker’s hand, then he could effortlessly take out the sd card and manipulate the same.

Hence, to beat these overlooked situations, a credible security service will help you remotely and entirely wipe your data from your phone as per the need.

Smart Security Services to Format Memory Card

According to a report related to the UK university, some agencies brought second-hand SD cards for an experiment. They wanted to check after erasing and discarding the SD cards, still, is there any data remaining on the same?

To their surprise, they found passport details, intimate photos, college certificates, etc! You might be thinking, before discarding the SD cards those students must have formatted the same. But, how’s this possible that data were still residing on the sd card?

The answer is, those data were not permanently wiped!

Now you know that someone can recover your data from SD cards if not wiped carefully!

Thus, for your peace of mind, taking SD card wiping services into account would be the best option. 

For that, you can count on India’s one of the leading cyber experts Anuraag Singh, who is renowned for his expertise in handling sensitive information without compromising its privacy.

Complete SD Card Wiping Services Offered by Anuraag Singh

He not only provides services to wipe your data from SD cards but also offers services to secure the same.

One of his security services involves the use of data encryption.  

Through this service, he will encrypt the data present in your SD card. That will add an extra security layer. But how? Well, the encryption process will lock the information on your SD card. If you lost your phone or somebody stole it, the chances of reading the details on the card are negligible. Hence your email address, PIN, and all other sensitive information remain safe.

Secondly, his SD card data shredder service ensures the permanent deletion of data from SD cards.

You may ask, there are so many free shredder apps present to wipe your data, why opt for professional help?

Well, those free apps don’t guarantee the complete and secure wiping of the information stored on SD cards. Hence to safely and uninterruptedly remove details from SD card, considering the SD card shredder would be a well-thought step.

The SD card shredder service will thoroughly wipe the information and securely overwrite the free space.

Last but not least, SD card Anti-theft service exclusively for mobile phones. Here, if unfortunately, someone stole your phone, or you lost it, with the service, he can remotely wipe your data and applications confined in the device and SD card. But please note that if you decide to delete your information, then recovering the same is not possible. So, be absolutely sure before deciding to wipe the SD card.

In the end, with reference to a wise man who once said, prevention is better than cure. Hence, your pro-activeness could save you from cybersecurity breaches and in this context, SD card exploitation.