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Implement Security Headers to Secure your Website with A+ Rating?

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 03-01-2023 ~ Website Security ~ 2 Minutes Reading


With the number of cyberattacks and other malicious activities on the rise, keeping the doors of your website open for intruders and attackers is not the way to go in this digital realm. Thus, it is essential for all of us to implement security headers and secure our website with A+ rating.

You have to keep your data protected from all kinds of attacks by implementing fencing.

Now the question comes is how can we do that?

In order to secure your website with A+ rating, you must implement several security headers. After that, check whether you were successful in converting the red alarming boxes into green signifying there is no danger.

List of Headers to Secure Your Website with A+ Rating?

1. HTTP Strict-Transport-Security (HSTS)

This security header enforces the user to maintain HTTPS and thus implement TLS (Transport Layer Security) on their website.

2. Permissions Policy

Permissions Policy is a newly launched header. You can set the limit for the browser to use the set of features and APIs.

3. X-Frame-Options

This header helps you control if you want your site to be framed or not. By not letting a browser from framing your site you can your website from clickjacking and other attacks.

4. X-Content-Type-Options

X-Content-Type-Options is a header that curbs a browser from MIME-sniffing the content type and asks them to stick only with the declared content type.

5. Referrer-Policy

This header helps a site to control the amount of information that a browser will include with navigations away from a document. It is an extremely crucial header and must be set by all websites.

6. Content-Security-Policy

The Content-Security-Policy makes sure to protect your website from XSS attacks. This helps you to whitelist sources of approved content that in turn restricts browsers to download malicious assets.

Why Do I Care?

Being in the cyber forensics industry for many years now, I have seen many people failing to secure their websites from cyberattacks. So, I thought why I shouldn’t step forward and help people in implementing these security headers in their website. This way, they would be able to secure their website with A+ rating and stay cyber safe.

So, you can Contact Me and I will help you to make your site secure from cyberattacks.