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What to Do If Someone Is Blackmailing You On Social Media Account?

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 15-04-2022 ~ Cyber Tip ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Introduction: In this post, we will discuss “what to do if someone is blackmailing you on social media account”.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and more link us, but for the younger generation, a day without social media is unthinkable. These platforms have exploded in popularity in recent years, attracting millions of users worldwide. Whereas the benefits of social media to society are immeasurable, it does have certain drawbacks.

The darker side demonstrates that all these platforms are being abused by antisocial people for the purpose of blackmailing others. Numerous instances of innocent people being blackmailed over different social media account.

Whenever anyone threatens you and demands cash or other advantages, this is called blackmail. According to the law, blackmail is a serious offense that can have a detrimental impact on the victim.

If you are being blackmail, then should always seek assistance from law enforcement. Struggling silently would have negative consequences for your physical and mental well-being.

What to do if someone is blackmailing you on social media account?

In the next section, you will find the most frequent methods and tricks to follow if someone is blackmailing you on your social network account:

If someone is blackmailing you on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, don’t let them do it and don’t keep quiet about it. Instead, you need to fight back against the blackmailer from the start.

If you are a victim of cyber-blackmail, you should report it to the police in your area. You should talk to a lawyer, Cyber Crime Investigation Specialist and get the right help before you call the police. This can help your case. By going to the police, you could be able to stop the blackmailer from doing the same thing to other people, as well.

Ascertain that you have all necessary proof, including photographs, screenshots of discussions, and so on. This will assist you in obtaining justice.

In the event of cyber-blackmail, victims may also anonymously report the offense at www.cybercrime.gov.in. It is a specialized website for reporting cybercrime established up by the Ministry of Home Affairs. To register on this website and file a complaint, the victim must first create an account by entering his cellphone number and name. Additionally, the website enables the victim to monitor his or her case online.

If the victim lodges a complaint online at www.cybercrime.gov.in, the complaint will handle by the state or union territory’s police authority based on the information supplied by the victim.

How you can report the Facebook incident?

If you’ve been the victim of Facebook blackmail, you may report the crime to Facebook using the following link:


How you can report the Instagram incident?

If you are being blackmail on Instagram, you may file a complaint with Instagram by using the following link:


How to report the WhatsApp incident?

If you believe you have blackmail over WhatsApp, you may report the offender using the Report button within the chat.

Also, please be aware about the different scams on WhatsApp like Rediroff.ru link WhatsApp Scam, Verification Code WhatsApp Scam, and more.

What should you do when someone in India is blackmailing you with photographs?

In India, blackmailing via photographs is both a civil and criminal violation. A lawyer may be able to assist the victim by filing a civil action seeking a restraining order against the perpetrator.


A growing number of individuals are falling prey to social media blackmail. Nonetheless, little effort has been made to synthesize studies on this subject. This study tries to close this gap by examining the present state of knowledge on blackmail and the sharing of sensitive information on social media. Please be cautious of online fraud and do not fear blackmail. Notify the authorities immediately.