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File Hash Calculator for Novice & Forensicators

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 28-12-2022 ~ General ~ 4 Minutes Reading

File Hash Calculator

Introduction: This guide will explain you how to use the best file hash calculator to determine the cryptographic hash value of a text or file. Prior to learning about this tool, we would like to provide the most comprehensive understanding of Hash value and why we would require it.

Digital forensic analysis has grown rapidly in recent years. As the use of computer forensic analysis has proven beneficial in a broad variety of legal proceedings. Digital forensics not only use to investigate computer-related crimes, such as system infiltration, data manipulation, and unauthorized material distribution via digital services, but it is also used to investigate crimes using evidence saved in any digital format on any digital device.

Thus, any data corruption that happens during in the investigation process can be corrected by utilizing the evidence disc to produce a fresh forensic copy. Due to the fact that digital investigations regularly produce results that are utilize in criminal or civil court proceedings, which can have a significant impact on an individual’s life, the investigator must be absolutely confident that the forensic copy is an exact duplicate of the evidence.

The hash value is important in forensic investigations since it is use to establish the correctness of digital material in front of the judge.

What is the purpose of hash value?

When we give another person a copy of an image file set, we also give them the hash value that goes with it. The other examiner can make their own hash value and compare it to the hash value given. In this case, if they are the same, we know that we are both looking at the same thing. if the hash values don’t match up, there’s something wrong with the code. The hash value doesn’t tell you what changed.

People in the security and cryptography field don’t keep track of your password. When you enter your password, it stores the hash value of your password that will work out. If someone is trying to get into your account, it is very hard for them to come up with a password that has the same hash value as your password. There isn’t the same level of protection that there is for password hash values as there is for real passwords. A hash value cannot be use to figure out a password’s correct length, so it isn’t possible.

Why is it necessary to calculate hashes?

In some cases, you’ll need to make sure that two files are identical in terms of both version and content. For example, make sure your files and data haven’t been damage or alter when you transmit them to someone else. The contents of a file are used to generate an alphanumeric string known as a hash. Changing the file’s hash value alters the file’s integrity.

What is the need of File Hash Calculator?

There are thousands of files in evidence sources, including those that are crucial to the inquiry and others that are not. It might take a long time to sort through and categories all of the files in your system. File Hash calculator can help you to calculating hash values for all the files in a few moments. Numerous hashing algorithm, including MD5, SHA1, SHA2, CRC32, and many more, are supported.

Additionally, this tool can assist you in not only generating these values, but also in comparing them. One of the best things about this utility is that it does not require the installation on computer. You could indeed run it right out of the box anytime you need to use its features.

What is the way to utilize this file hash calculator?

  • In order to begin, download and run this application.


  • Please pick the file you want. This application does not support the Drag and drop activities. Thus you’ll have to go through the process of manually browsing to the item’s location.
  • Once you select the file, other more hashing algorithms are available, including MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, and SHA-512. Please select or deselect it.
  • Please paste the hash value to compare with the above result. Finally, click on Calculate Hash.

That is all. This is how a hash calculator for files works.

Built-in hash comparison feature of this utility

Another convenient feature of File Hash Calculator is that you can just paste a hash value into the require box and it will be compared to the previously generated hashes. When a match is identified, the corresponding field becomes green, while the others become red.

Final Words

In conclusion, file hash calculator is a very useful utility to calculate multiple hashing algorithm. In addition, it may be used to see if two files are same without having to open them and do a direct comparison. Visit the https://anuraagsingh.com/ for more digital forensics articles.