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What is Gigolo Cybercrime & How to Keep Yourself Safe from Such e-Crimes?

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 29-12-2022 ~ Cyber Awareness ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Cyber fraudsters these days are conning citizens in the name of Gigolo services. Especially youngers are falling into their trap. Cybercriminals create fake job-seeking platforms and make these the medium to entice youngsters. Be it in the greed of earning a handsome salary or to avail the gigolo service itself, normal citizens are becoming the victim of gigolo cybercrime.

But, what does gigolo mean in the first place?

Let’s have a close look at this.

What is a Gigolo?

A gigolo is a boy who is hired by a woman to fulfill her sexual desires. They are also known as “call boys” and “male escorts”. And, these kinds of services are also available on the internet.

But, cybercriminals are taking advantage of this kind of scheme &  it has become their biggest weapon to con people and extort money from them.

As it is one of the sources to earn money easily, many youngsters fall victim to it. Let’s hear it from Karan.

The Story of Victim Karan 

One day the victim Karan from Ahmedabad who is jobless was searching for a job on Google. There he saw an advertisement for a job related to gigolo services, which claimed to pay a high salary. He called on the given number, and a young lady picked up the call and told him to register first for this job. Moreover, she asked for some documents like an Aadhar card, photograph, pan card, etc. After the registration and documents, she asked for the security amount, hotel, and medical charges also when he paid all the amount he was blocked from everywhere.

How Gigolo Cybercrime Works? Understand the Modus Operandi

The process is well-planned by the fraudsters.

  • To start, cybercriminals create fake websites or applications.
  • Then, they will start advertising these fake websites or applications on popular web browsers & social media platforms where people can see that advertisement and start to be attracted to it.
  • Once they see those advertisements, they message them in greed for high earning.
  • And, when fraudsters get to know their (the victim’s) interest in it then they will ask for their photographs.
  • After seeing those photos fraudsters will tell the victim that he will get X amount for their gigolo services. But, before that, they demand certain money for registration fees, security deposits, and some personal documents like Aadhar cards, bank statements, etc.
  • To present their service as legit, cybercriminals will tell the victim that the security amount they are taking is for safety purposes and the amount will be given back after your service.
  • In case, the victim refuses to make the payment, the cybercriminals blackmail them to disclose their pictures on public platforms.

Cybercriminals demand more and more money by threatening a victim. And, the worst part of this gigolo crime is that when the victim gets trapped, scared to tell anyone it will lead to depression, anxiety, and even commit suicide. 

Safety Measures to Stay Safe from Gigolo Cybercrime

First, you have to admit that there is no such thing as easy money. Along with that,

  • Do not get lured or enticed by any offers which exploit your emotional behavior. 
  • Do not fall prey to any SMS you get for friendship by which in return you will get money. 
  • Never share your photographs and personal documents like Aadhar card, pan card, or bank statements with anyone.
  • Never pay any such amount for these kinds of jobs.
  • Never rely on these kinds of unreliable websites or applications.

Steps to take if you become the victim of Gigolo Cybercrime

  • Visit your nearest cyber crime police station.
  • You can also file an online complaint within 24 hours on the national cybercrime reporting portal “cybercrime.gov.in” it’s an official website of the government, so you can do it without worrying.

gigolo cybercrime

  • Additionally, you can file a complaint by dialing the government’s helpline number “1930”.
  • You can also take professional help and advice from India’s best Cyber Expert Anuraag Singh


In India, Cybercrimes are increasing constantly, and gigolo is one of them. Gigolo cybercrime awareness is important to keep yourself safe from such e-crimes.

So, in this article, we discussed how fraudsters work to execute the crime and what steps you can take to prevent it. In case, you become the victim of gigolo cybercrime, don’t hesitate to file a complaint against it.