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Top Managed SOC Services Providers in India

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 26-10-2023 ~ Services ~ 7 Minutes Reading

In the corporate world, facing vulnerabilities and complex security challenges is not a new thing anymore. The reason is the increasing cyberattacks. So, the compelling necessity is to identify the threats and take quick action to counter them. To stay even with evolving technology and encounter cyber threats, investing in top Managed SOC Service providers is the only suitable option.

Many organizations portray that they are not capable to employ a 24X7 SOC. That means major delays in detecting and responding to the threats. Therefore, to stay one step ahead from a security breach is to design strong and effective security automation architecture i.e. SOC.

What are SOC Services?

A Security Operation Center, or SOC, is all about a group of cyber security professionals working diligently to monitor and evaluate an organization’s security system. Simultaneously responding to cyber security breaches, if any.

The managed SOC provider offers services by scanning all the security systems including endpoint (Windows and MacOS log point monitoring), network, and cloud security. Moreover, they work around the clock to protect the company’s security infrastructure from cyber attacks.

What is a Managed SOC & How Does it Work?

Organizations use Managed SOC, also known as SOC as a Service, to put to use the expertise of cybersecurity specialists. These experts monitor the company’s cloud environment, devices, logs, and network for threats.

Managed SOC service providers offer 24/7 monitoring of your IT infrastructure without the need for a substantial investment in security software, hardware, security professionals, training, and other resources. Through this, you may quickly gain access to a SOC and begin monitoring cyber risks, that can enhance the security of your organisation.

So, now let’s find out why is setting up a SOC required.

Why Are SOC Service Providers in India Vital for Your Security?

Whеn a company or businеss opts for top SOC sеrvicе providеrs in India, it еntrusts thе crucial rеsponsibilitiеs of safеty and privacy of thеir businеss to a tеam of еxpеrt sеcurity profеssionals.

This stratеgic movе offеrs hugе advantagеs for thеir businеssеs, such a:

  • Optimizеd Sеcurity Staffing: up with a managed SOC service providers еmpowеrs a company to fortify its еxisting sеcurity tеam, еffеctivеly bridging skill gaps.
  • Rеducеd Total Cost of Ownеrship: By partnеring with soc service providers in india, businеssеs can distributе thе costs of hardwarе, licеnsing, and staff salariеs among multiplе cliеnts of thе sеrvicе providеr. This collaborativе approach translatеs to substantial savings, both in tеrms of capital invеstmеnts and day-to-day opеrational еxpеnsеs.
  • Accеss to Spеcializеd Sеcurity Expеrtisе: Entеrprisеs somеtimеs rеquirе spеcializеd sеcurity skills, such as incidеnt rеsponsе еxpеrts, malwarе analysts, and cloud sеcurity profеssionals.  SOC sеrvicе providеrs in India arе uniquеly positionеd to grant thеir cliеnts on-dеmand accеss to sеasonеd cybеrsеcurity spеcialists, prеcisеly whеn thеir еxpеrtisе is nееdеd.
  • Elеvatеd Sеcurity Proficiеncy: By partnеring with top SOC sеrvicе providеrs in India, companiеs gain immеdiatе accеss to thеir providеr’s comprеhеnsivе suitе of sеcurity solutions and еxpеrt profеssionals. This stratеgic collaboration accеlеratеs thе maturation of an organization’s sеcurity posturе.

Need of Managed SOC Services in Various Industries

Not having an effective SOC can make it impossible to reduce risks and implement solutions efficiently. 

For instance, a certain LinkedIn report justifies the growing need for SOC specialists in various industries. Why not? Who may want to risk their vulnerable data?

Name one industry that doesn’t want to protect its data from possible threats. You will not find a name because regardless of the size every industry wants to safeguard its valuable information. 

Hence, it’s also crucial to know which industries should focus on building SOC for their security system and why?

  1. Education Industry, here every school and/or college maintains personal records of their students and employees. The personal record consists of their name, date of birth, address, identity proof, etc. A slight change in the records can misrepresent individuals and their skills.
  2. Government Agencies tend to store the personal information of citizens, maintain criminal records along with religious and political inclinations.
  3. Financial Services deals not only with monetary transactions but also with online banking credentials. Also, insurance companies preserve records related to investments and other policies. Hence managed SOC services is vital.
  4. Healthcare Industry, be it a laboratory or hospital, it keeps a record of the health data of patients. 

So, now you can understand the need for a SOC Specialist in India to handle security breaches. Let’s discuss why you should think about investing in managed SOC services.

Advantages of Having a Managed SOC Service Providers in India

1. Provident Monitoring

Businesses run 24X7 so does a SOC specialist. He/she proactively hunt and monitors for threat indicators. Cybercriminals don’t make an exception and work throughout and are continuously looking for security breaches. 

Hence, the SOC specialist and his team also work around the clock, even during weekends and holidays. Thus, keeping the threat radar circulating 24X7X365 and detecting any potential threat.

2. Explore Integrated Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence gives evidence-based knowledge to prevent performable cyber attacks. Also, it provides the contexts. For example, who is attacking your security system and their motives behind it, what are their capabilities, etc? 

3. Reduce Dwell Time

First of all dwell time is a time period when an attacker goes undetected on the network after initial access. The longer an intruder dwells on the network, the greater he can damage the security system. 

On the other hand, managed SOC service providers shorten the dwell time, and as a result, reduce the financial impact when a security invade occurs.

4. Threat Investigation determines the nature and tactics of a threat. Also, gathers relevant evidence on active risks.

5. Respond to Cyberattacks. Aafter investigation when the SOC specialist encounters an issue, he/she responds to it as fast as possible and take action. Services such as isolating endpoints, terminating malicious processes, preventing them from executing, discarding unnecessary files, etc. are offered.

Building a SOC Designed by Anuraag Singh

Many small and medium enterprises’ concern is that implementing SOC can put a burden on their pockets. 

However, the SOC Specialist of India, Anuraag Singh can build an effective SOC with limited resources. He and his team will outline a SOC design that is going to fit your business’s unique needs. There are a few simple steps to consider while building a SOC. 

1. Developing Strategy

First, the SOC experts will assess and try to understand your existing capability to face cyber attacks. Then through monitoring and analyzing your current security system they will identify and define the business objective.

2. Create Process, Procedure, and Training

This step will cover six phases of threat lifecycle management, they are:

  • Collect data (the data includes security event data, log & machine data, forensics sensor data, etc)
  • Through search and machine analytics, discover the active threats
  • Assess threats to determine risk and identify the need for a full investigation
  • Analyze the risks to determine their nature
  • Implement countermeasures
  • Recover the issue and generate a report for the same

3. Prepare your Environment

This process ensures the security elements are in place.

4. Implementing your Solution

After completion of the above steps, the SOC specialist will execute the solution.

5. Maintain and Evolve your SOC Solution

A SOC isn’t something that once you implement the security measure and stop thinking about it. It requires ongoing maintenance such as:

  • Regulating to improve detection accuracy
  • Adding latest input and output systems
  • Examining the SOC model, SOC roles, staff count, etc.

Therefore, don’t wait longer and adopt proactively managed SOC service provided by the cyber expert of India and protect your organization’s assets, IP, vulnerable data, and many more.