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The Kashmir Files Cyber Fraud – Avoid Download Links

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 03-01-2023 ~ General ~ 3 Minutes Reading

The police have now issued a warning to users about the 30 lakh examples of fraudulent links for downloading The Kashmir Files that have been reported. These URLs, which were distributed over WhatsApp, might be efforts at The Kashmir Files cyber fraud.

Since its debut, the film The Kashmir Files has been the subject of much debate. Not only is the film breaking box office records, but it is also reaching a large number of individuals who are sympathetic to the plight of Kashmiri Pandits who have been force to flee their homes in Kashmir. As the film’s popularity grows, cyber criminals are taking advantage of it by tricking people into falling for their scams in the name of the film.

The Kashmir Files Cyber Fraud – Do Not Open Any Link

The police warned the public that if someone offers you a link to download ‘The Kashmir Files’ video for free from an unknown number, you should report it to the authorities. If this is the case, do not click on the link at all. By tapping on such a link, all of your personal information is transmit to the hackers via your cell phone number. After then, he uses your cellphone number to transfer the entire amount of money from your bank account to his account, completing the transaction.

The Police Department Has Issued an Advisory to the General Public

A number of examples of cyber fraud involving the downloading of free movies have come to light in recent days. And it is important to note that this is not the first time this has happened. In such a case, the police have advised the public to exercise caution. In addition, the authorities have state that if anyone believes that they have defraud in the name of the film, they should immediately file a complaint with the Cyber Helpline 1930.

Tips to Stay Safe from Movie Fraud

Here are some tips to help you prevent being a victim of online fraud. Please be aware about Kashmir files cyber fraud:

  • In the opinion of police officials, users of WhatsApp should stop from clicking on links that are available to the app or on social media. A larger risk may pose if the connection is share by someone who is not known to the user.
  • The user should contact the sender of the link to ensure that the connection is legitimate. Even if the link is provided by a well-known individual.
  • Kashmir Files is a film about Kashmiri Pandits fleeing the valley in the early 1990s. PM Narendra Modi and other prominent dignitaries have lauded the film. So, cyber criminal are taking advantage of it.
  • As soon as the users click on the link, the scam artists hack their phones. And then they exploit the information to make them impoverished by draining their bank accounts.

Because cybercrime is becoming more prevalent on a daily basis, it is recommended that users avoid from engaging in it. Cyber fraudsters didn’t leave anything behind. They can defraud you in a variety of ways, including internet lottery scams and identity theft scams and more.