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How Can you Find Out If your Phone is Tapped – Warning Signals & Services to Avoid it

Written by Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 03-01-2023 ~ General ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Phone is tapped

Is it ever the case that you try to switch off your phone but it refuses to cooperate? Or, are you hearing strange noises when speaking on the phone? Then there’s a chance that your phone has been bugged. But how can you find out if your phone is tapped?

For that, keep on reading! 

If you thought that phone tapping is usually done by police or investigators as you see in the movies, well there is more to it than you imagined!

Now, the hackers not only follow the traditional approach but also remotely tap into phones (using spyware). 

This is done to either observe your actions, to get information that someone else wants, or to assist with a court case.

So, next time, when your phone is performing slow, don’t get confused with your phone memory being full. It could be an intruder eavesdropping on your conversation!

Sounds horrifying, right? What will be your next move, if you find out your phone is tapped? 

In such dreadful scenarios, the cyber security services provided by Anuraag Singh have protected almost 350+ Indians.

But, the main question still remains, how can you find out if your phone is tapped?

How to Know if Your Phone is Tapped?

Your phone will give you several hints through which you can detect if your phone is tapped. However, now you are only a step away from identifying it.

Let’s discuss the signs of a tapped cell phone.

1. The Battery Life of your Phone is not Keeping its Promise

Don’t get surprised if your phone battery drains out quickly than you expected.

Can you think of the cause?

Yes, you guessed it right, your phone might have spyware.

2. Phone Heats Up in No Time

Does your phone get overheated after using it only for an hour or two?

Well, if yes, then it’s time to be suspicious. Hackers could be having an eye on you.

3. Spiked Data Usage and Phone bill

In this digital world, you can easily keep track of the data usage, and what plan you have selected for making phone calls.

So, if you are paying bills which you didn’t expect then you might be paying for the hackers too.

4. Unexpected Texts

Sometimes, strange text message notifications pop up on your screen containing unnecessary links.

These malevolent links could be the entrance for the intruders to gain access to your phone.

In other words, if your phone is experiencing some of the above-mentioned signs, you can guess that someone is definitely tapping your phone. 

Well, it’s also important to know who are the ones spying on you, and the reasons behind it. 

Who is Tapping your Phone and Why?

Firstly, Police officers or detectives tap your phone calls or emails. But, they can’t do the same without taking permission from the Superintendent of Police or Court.

But, why is there a need? You may ask!

Well, you might be the suspect of a particular case they are solving. However, you don’t have to worry if you didn’t do anything wrong.

On the other hand, there are some people, who can cross any limit for their personal gain, and thus, might be spying on you.

Hence, other than being a person close to you or a complete stranger, the person trying to invade your privacy could be a cybercriminal too.

In this case, one of the reasons for tampering with the phone could be to steal personal information. This information could be photos, Aadhar Card number, current location, etc. 

Imagine the consequences if they have the access to the same!

Another reason could be to attack a growing business. By tapping the phone, an intruder can easily access important emails or can record a sensitive conversation.

Last but not the least, their target could be a politician, an actor, or any famous personality to drain out their money.

But luckily, to deal with such unfavourable activities, an experienced cyber expert in India Anuraag Singh exist. 

The top-notch cyber security services offered by him have given confidence to lots of people that solutions to fight against cybercrime are available.

So, don’t take stress, instead take action!

Can Anuraag Singh Find out if your Phone Is Tapped?

Yes, he can! The security services by Anuraag can help to keep your private conversation or business plan intact.

Let’s now discuss the services he provides: 

1. Mobile Data Wiping Services

Almost everyone is backing up their vital information on their phone.

But, what if you found that there is spyware hiding in your device? Since you already have a backup, the quick reaction would be to reset your phone.

However, does resetting your phone wipe the mobile data completely?

Well, the answer is no. So, you use the Mobile Phone Data Wiping Services provided by Anuraag.

2. Cloud Security Services 

After digitization, most people prefer to store their photos, videos, or files on the cloud rather than on hard drives.

However, if someone tries and taps your phone then they could easily take control and manipulate your sensitive information stored on the cloud.

Hence, Anuraag who has the expertise in giving cloud security services can protect you from attacks like cloud malware injection, DOS attacks, etc.

3. Data Security Services

Nowadays, data plays a key role in every aspect of life, be it personal or professional. 

As a result, a data breach is becoming common especially on a mobile phone through various techniques.

Data could be anything from your GPS location to a confidential file of government.

Since Anuraag knows the importance of critical data, he came up with a solution to provide Custom Data security services. This will help you bring together a risk-balanced blueprint with leading data protection technology. 

Now, after understanding the need for cybersecurity, if you are thinking to trust the hands of an expert who can professionally handle your tapped phone. Then you are on the right path.

Anuraag’s expertise is in the field of Mobile Forensics, Advanced Audio Forensics, Digital Forensics, which could be of great help in winning the fight against cyberspies.